Corporative Legal Services

    • Legal enlightenment of company staffs and legal audit of companies.
    • Preparation of contracts and checking their legal compatibility.
    • Representation in meetings between clients and administrative bodies (Tax, SSDF, legal enforcement bodies).
    • Legal services on trademarks and certification.
    • Foundation and abolishment of legal persons.
    • Rendering legal services on customs and import and export procedures.
    • Migration services (temporary residence, time extension for it, employment permissions, time extension for visas, support to registration by living places and so on).
    • Social and medical insurance issues.
    • Accompaniment of credit process (mortgage, bailing, expertise on credit contracts, solution of possible future related problems).
    • Representation of companies until and during trials and rendering aid to hire attorneys.
    • Support to legal solution of real property related problems
    • Complex legal consulting services for construction and investment projects.
    • Rendering aid to legal and attorneyship in foreign countries (Europe and Russia) within cooperation with international law companies.

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