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  • Successfully realized social-economic reforms have turned our country into an attractive place for investment. In its turn, this makes improvement in legislation inevitable, as there are no unfair and negative conditions when laws are the main issue. From this perspective, besides legal regulations, obeying to laws and legal enlightenment are very important. When physical and legal persons don’t know laws, this makes it hard for them to protect their rights. That’s why, every legal and physical person shall know his or her rights. Economically and professionally, it is not possible for anyone to have legal advisor and lawyer. Taking this factor into consideration, our company offers legal supports and consultations on commercial and cooperative legal issues. At the same time, the company offers service and legal representation to foreigners in the area of family, employment, migration and court. Being familiar with legislation, trial cases and practices, approaches of public organizations and participation in business reforms, we provide representation of business in public organizations. The company has had enough experience in contract discussions (representing clients), contract preparations, analysis of high value contracts including FIDIC, and solution of conflicts. Also, we offer our services on getting trademarks, licensing, and provision of necessary licenses. Besides the above mentioned areas, we inform our customers on tax and customs concessions, free zones and other incitement initiatives.

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