Services for physical persons

    • Representation until and during trials and provision with attorneys.
      • * Preparation of letters, complaint letters and so on. * Hiring attorneys for companies and physical persons * Keeping the process of execution of court decisions in the center of attention
    • Rendering migration services.
      • * Preparation of migration documents for non-resident citizens (Permission for temporary residence , time extensions, employment permissions, time extension for vizas, support to official registration by the living place)
    • Rendering aid to the solution of medical and social insurance related problems.
    • Family – marriage issues.
      • *Marriage contracts and divorce *Right of children in family conflicts *Management and division of property in a divorce *Right of divorcees to parenthood and meeting with their children *Trusteeship of children and issues on trusteeship *Consulting and documentation on heritage
    • Property-flat issues.
      • * Legal service and support on purchasing of properties and privatization process *Legal consultation on division of property an solution of problems; *Solution of issues related to state registration of real and non real property and other rights *Consultation on converting resident areas to non-resident areas or vice-versa; *Solution of land problems
    • Banking, credit, and insurance issues.
      • *Providing legal opinion on stocks and assets and preparation of proper projects *Analysis of legal risks during financial operations and legal expertise to prevent them *Corporate-legal services for credit organizations *Solution of problems as a result of activities (credit, leasing, insurance, pawn broking, etc) of credit organizations *Credit, leasing, bailing, and mortgage. Solution of the problems arisen from related issues *Accumulation in accordance with problematic credit portfolio *Operations on securities (preparation, registration and solution of problems) *Solution of tax related conflicts
    • Consumers’ rights.
    • Rights of employees.
    • Employment issues.
      • *Payment of salaries for reinstating and mandatory leave, *Solution of conflicts arising from the right to be on leave (limitation of using leave period, not payment of mandatory leave salaries) *Salary related conflicts *Rights of redundant employees *Rights of employees when job conditions are changed *Rights of employees when labor contract is terminated illegally *Legal expertise and solution of all other issues arising from labor relations
    • Heritage issues.
    • All other legal issues.

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