Subscription Services

    • Legal enlightenment of company staff.
      • *Training in line with the needs of companies (Group of companies, Right to Labor, Right to Mortgage) *Trainings on practical and theoretical solution of company related problems
    • Preparation and control of contracts.
      • *Preparation and control of labor contracts *Preparation and control of standard and non-standard civil contracts *Opinion on termination of labour contracts and pursuing of processes *Preparation and control of international contracts ( under the terms of INCOTERMS) *Preparation and control of documents on securities
    • Legal accompaniment of activities of companies and legal audit.
      • *Consultations on organization of company activities in accordance with the legislation in effect (property, heritage, entrepreneurship, customs, tax, and crime) *Participation in the meetings with clients in administrative bodies (Tax, SSDF, legal enforcement bodies and so on)
    • Accompanying the credit process.
      • *Keeping in the attention of legal processes while contracts are signed with banking and non banking organizations *Checking mortgage, proxy and credit contracts and solution of possible problems
    • Foundation and abolishment of legal persons
      • *Organization of legal persons *Reorganization of personal persons after joining with the others or separating from others *Analysis of abolishment and bankruptcy processes and consultations in this area    *Offering legal services for abolishment and bankruptcy processes *Protecting rights of those whose rights are violated as a result not transparent competition *Preparation of internal rules and instructions for companies
    • Offering Migration Services
      • *Obtaining visas and extending visa periods *Work permissions and temporary residency *Permanent residency place and citizenship
    • Representation until and during trials and provision with attorneys.
      • *Preparation of letters, complaint letters and so on. *Hiring attorneys for companies and physical persons *Keeping the process of execution of court decisions in the center of attention

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